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What PAHF Can Do For You
Why was PAHF founded?

What PAHF Can Do For You

1. The Patrick Abraham Healing Foundation provides information about:

a. Innovative, integrative and complimentary types of cancer treatments
b. Nutrition and exercise
c. Modes of cancer prevention
d. Literature on cancer treatments
e. Conferences and seminars on cancer

2. Makes available videos about different cancer topics

3. Offers financial help in order to help patients get the treatments not covered by insurance

4. Provides cancer patients with what the founders have learned from personal experiences

Why was PAHF Founded?

Most families who have gone through battling cancer with their loved ones know how overwhelming and insurmountable the fight can be. From diagnosis, to treatment, to diet, to prognosis, there is normally a lot of confusion and uncertainty. Families are full of questions that sometimes not even the medical staff can answer.

 Not all families have members that are inclined or capable to do research to find out answers to their questions, especially at the time they are facing cancer. We in Patrick’s family felt that there needed to be a place to go to get some of these questions answered and get help from someone who has been a part of this not so pleasant journey. This was the reason the Patrick Abraham Healing Foundation was formed.

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